Death Near Kentmore Abbey

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Published by: Turlough, Nolan Publishing
Release Date: November 28, 2023
ISBN13: 978-0-9600567-7-4


Amateur sleuth Star O'Brien is back in County Mayo solving murders near an Irish Abbey in this cozy mystery...

Get ready for the ultimate murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Star O’Brien, the fiercely independent amateur sleuth is back in County Mayo, relentlessly pursuing her mission to uncover the heartbreaking truth about her mother’s disappearance. But things take a thrilling turn when Star is called upon to investigate the murder of a well-known farmer and solicitor in County Galway.

And the best part? The detective who previously gave her a hard time is now begging for her help! As Star delves deeper into the case, she finds herself in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, exploring majestic green scapes and a serene lake where the murder victim was found. Her investigation leads her to Kentmore Abbey, where she encounters a mysterious woman who seems to be hiding something. As Star unravels the truth behind the murder, she discovers a horrifying scheme that not only threatens humanity but also the stunning beauty of Connemara Mountains. As the tension rises and the danger intensifies, Star finds herself wanting to expose the secrets that lie behind the walls of the restored Victorian Garden. What she uncovers there will leave you breathless and change her life forever. Get ready for a gripping tale of murder, secrets, and the unyielding determination of one amateur sleuth to solve the case and protect those she loves!

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In a clearing laced with wildflowers and herbs, a male figure crouched over a prone body. Semi-crusted blood caked the left side of the corpse’s face, creating a rivulet like the tears painted on a clown’s face. A tote bag, the initials JQ embroidered on the front, lay close to the body’s right hand. The stooped figure rose, keeping his feet in place lest he further disturb the scene. He scanned the area and memorized the tableau. Satisfied that whatever weapon had created this cruel mess was not at the crime scene, he lifted the tote bag, noted its emptiness, and slung it over his shoulder. Next, he glanced down at the meadow grass. Thankfully, the recent dry spell meant his shoe tread wasn’t visible. Again, he surveyed the surroundings, listening for signs of human life. Instead, bird twitter and the sound of the nearby lake’s pristine aquamarine water gently lapping against the grassy field’s boundary filled the air. Assured he was alone, he furtively retraced his steps, reached the dark sedan parked in the off-road hideaway, and drove, frequently checking the rear-view mirror.